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Table 1 Recommendations, sources of information and initiatives reviewed

From: Interventions in health organisations to reduce the impact of adverse events in second and third victims

From the USA
 Institute for Healthcare Improvement
 Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
 Medically Induced Trauma Support Services
 Missouri Hospital
 Institute for Patient Safety Excellence at the University of Illinois at Chicago'2010-03738'
 Physicians Insurance (the Adverse Event Response Team [AVERT] Program)
 Kaiser Permanente (support for the patient care team)
 Johns Hopkins Hospital
 Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston (peer support program)
 National Quality Forum (Care of the Caregiver, an endorsed safe practice)
 Massachusetts General Hospital (checklist for coaches supporting colleagues after AE)
 Washington University Hospital in St Louis
From the UK
 Royal College of Physicians,
From Spain
 Miguel Hernández University (checklist developed by the CALITÉ group),