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Table 3 Authors conclusions on variation, admission rates

From: A systematic review of the magnitude and cause of geographic variation in unplanned hospital admission rates and length of stay for ambulatory care sensitive conditions

Paper ID Author Conclusions
Significant Variation  
  Ansari 2005 “There was a wide variation (almost fivefold) in admission rates”
  Tennant 2000 “[8 of 32 regions] had significantly less episodes of hospitalization…than the State average”
  Crighton 2007 “Marked differences in rates between counties…large variability in county rates”
  Crighton 2008 “The heterogeneity in…hospitalization rates and significant spatial clustering”
 New Zealand  
  Barnett 2010 “Substantial variation in admission rates”
  Dharmalingam 2004 “Substantial geographical variation in the level of avoidable hospitalisation”
  Magan 2008 “Considerable variability in these rates”
  Giuffrida 1999 “Clear variation…in crude admission rates”
  Starr 1996 “There was considerable variation…between districts”
  Adams 1993 “There was considerable geographic variation”
  Casper 2010 “Magnitude of geographic disparity was substantial between the high- and low-rate counties”
  Chen 2011 “Rates in 1998 and 2008 varied significantly by state”
  Gorton 2006 “Rates vary widely”
  Holt 2011 “Substantial geographic variations in COPD hospitalization risk among states and HSAs”
  Laditka 1999 “Significant variation in preventable hospitalization”
  Morris 1994 “The geographic distribution in hospital admission rates is unequivocally heterogeneous”
Variation Exists  
  Curtis 2002 “Differences observed for DKA are clinically important”
  Jin 2003 “The incidence of…hospitalization varies”
  To 1996 “Variation among the counties…was moderately large”
 New Zealand  
  Bandaranayake 2011 “We observed a heterogeneous distribution”
  Maliszewski 2011 “Hospitalization rates were dependent upon neighbouring county hospitalization rates”
Insignificant Variation  
  Downing 2007 “Generally the variances were small meaning there was little unexplained variation”
  Lanska 1994 “Hospitalization rates show relatively little small-scale variation”
No Conclusion  
 New Zealand  
  Ellison-Loschmann 2004 No conclusions
  Ogunniyi 2012 No conclusions