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Table 2 Summary of survey responses (N = 80). A. Perceived change in time pressure (left column) and factors causing change in time pressure (right column). B. Impact of new work program on work situation (summary labels in left column, explanatory items in right column). Number of responders (left column) and responses (right column) in parentheses

From: Discrepancies in assessing home care workers’ working conditions in a Norwegian home care service: differing views of stakeholders at three organizational levels

  Categorization of open comments
A. Time pressurea  
 Increasedb (45) Efficiency demands (14)
  Increased patient group/ heavier cases (12)
  Increased workload (10)
  New work program (4)
No comments (8)
 Decreased (2) Extra personnel (1)
  Improved work organization (1)
 No change (32)  
B. New work programc  
 Negative impact (27) Time-consuming (11)
  Additional work tasks (10)
  More stress (6)
 Positive impact (9) Improved work situation (4)
  Improved overview (3)
  Better understanding of patients’ situation (2)
 Negative/positive impact (4) Additional work tasks, but improved quality (4)
 No comment on quality of impact (27)  
  1. a1 missing (quantitative scale)
  2. bSome HCWs listed several factors
  3. c13 missing (quantitative scale)