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Table 3 Domain titles, subheadings and definitions for draft measure CH4-HL

From: Adapting the adult social care outcomes toolkit (ASCOT) for use in care home quality monitoring: conceptual development and testing

CH4-HL Domains Definitions
Accommodation Residents live in a clean and comfortable home and like how it looks and feels. Bedrooms and shared areas are well designed, easy to get around and meet residents’ health and social care needs.
Living in a clean and comfortable home  
Personal cleanliness and comfort Residents are clean and comfortable. They are dressed in ways that meet their individual needs and wishes.
Being clean and presentable  
Food and drink Residents eat and drink well. They get a balanced and varied diet, including food they like and need.
Eating and drinking well  
Personal safety Residents feel safe and free from fear of physical and psychological harm and are supported to manage risks.
Feeling safe and free from fear  
Being sociable Residents spend time socialising with people they like and taking part in social activities. Close relationships with family, friends (from inside and outside the home), carers and people from the wider community are supported.
Spending time with people, being sociable.  
Being occupied Residents spend time doing things they like, value and enjoy on their own or with others. They are supported in continuing activities that they have been involved in the past.
Having things to do, being occupied  
Choice and control over daily life Residents have choice and control over their daily life. They feel they ‘have a say’ in their care, daily routine and activities and that their views are respected.
Having choices, feeling in control  
Dignity Residents are treated with compassion, dignity and respect. Staff think about what they say and how they say it and consider the feelings of residents when giving care and support.
Being treated with dignity and respect by staff