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Table 1 The ASCOT domains

From: Adapting the adult social care outcomes toolkit (ASCOT) for use in care home quality monitoring: conceptual development and testing

Domain title Domain description
Control over daily life The service user can choose what to do and when to do it, having control over his/her daily life and activities
Personal cleanliness and comfort The service user feels he/she is personally clean and comfortable and looks presentable or, at best, is dressed and groomed in a way that reflects his/her personal preferences
Food and drink The service user feels he/she has a nutritious, varied and culturally appropriate diet with enough food and drink he/she enjoys at regular and timely intervals
Personal safety The service user feels safe and secure. This means being free from fear of abuse, falling or other physical harm and fear of being attacked or robbed
Social participation and involvement The service user is content with their social situation, where social situation is taken to mean the sustenance of meaningful relationships with friends and family, and feeling involved or part of a community, should this be important to the service user
Occupation The service user is sufficiently occupied in a range of meaningful activities whether it be formal employment, unpaid work, caring for others or leisure activities
Accommodation cleanliness and comfort The service user feels their home environment, including all the rooms, is clean and comfortable
Dignity The negative and positive psychological impact of support and care on the service user’s personal sense of significance
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