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Table 2 Quotes of counsellors on the challenges faced with some counselling sessions and their implication

From: Evaluation of the HIV lay counselling and testing profession in South Africa

Quotes of lay counsellors Implications
“If a patient does not accept his status (HIV positive) then I have to deal with the emotions as well.” [26 yr old female counsellor, NGO] Providing emotional support
“When a couple is discordant and one of them already knows his/her status, it usually leads to a fight.” [38 yr old female counsellor, NGO] Mediating a couples fight
“When a 12 to 13 year old is found to be positive, they cry and you are compelled to hug them as a parent.” [50 yr old female counsellor, government health service] Providing emotional support
“Sometimes I have to counsel an older client e.g. above 60 yrs because they are in denial and not easy for them to understand why they are positive.” [49 yr old female counsellor, government health service] Dealing with denial