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Table 2 Frequency of ‘hassles’ most often reported by patients on the health care ‘Hassles’ scale, n = 486

From: What are the core predictors of ‘hassles’ among patients with multimorbidity in primary care? A cross sectional study

0–25 (%) 26–50 (%) 51+ (%)
‘Uncertainty about when or how to take my medications’ (18 %) ‘Lack of information about why I need lab test or x-rays’ (31 %) ‘Lack of information about my medical condition’ (55 %)
‘Problems getting my medication refilled on time’ (23 %) ‘Disagreement between my doctors about my diagnosis or the best treatment for me’ (31 %) ‘Poor communication between different doctors or clinics’ (55 %)
‘Medical appointments that interfere with my work, family, or hobbies’ (24 %) ‘Having my concerns ignored or overlooked by my health care providers’ (36 %) ‘Lack of information about treatment options’ (60 %)
‘Lack of information about why I have been referred to a specialist (hospital doctor)’ (24 %) ‘Having to wait too long to find out the results of the lab tests or x-rays’ (42 %) ‘Having to wait a long time to get an appointment for specialists (hospital doctors)’ (60 %)
  ‘Lack of time to discuss all my problems during scheduled appointment’ (43 %)  
  ‘Difficulty getting questions answered or getting medical advice between scheduled appointments’ (46 %)  
  ‘Side effect from my medications’ (48 %)  
  ‘Lack of information about why my medication was prescribed to me’ (50 %)