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Table 4 Key recommendations for establishing family rooms

From: Developing family rooms in mental health inpatient units: an exploratory descriptive study

Location of rooms: – label the room ‘Family Room’
– close to nursing station
– high visibility of room within unit
– ease of access to unit entry
– consider level of passing traffic and noise
Aesthetics & content: – use bright colours on walls
– include appropriate toys/activities for varying age ranges
– include information and brochures on parenting & support services
– decide whether to include electronic equipment/games
– use comfortable & child-friendly furniture
Policy and guidelines for use of rooms: Develop written policy for use of room, including role/s and processes for:
– scope of room purpose/s and usage
– staff participation & role in child & family visits
– provision of psycho-education & support to parent, children & family
– assessment of parent wellbeing prior to visits
– supervised versus unsupervised family visits
– process for escorting families to and from room
– room entry & exit points (health & safety requirements)
– cleaning & maintenance of toys and contents
– nominate a clinical leader or champion for Family room