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Table 1 Criteria used in the classification of case types

From: Identifying alternatives to old age psychiatry inpatient admission: an application of the balance of care approach to health and social care planning

Dimension Categories
Primary diagnosis Organic mental health problem (most commonly dementia)
Depression or anxiety
Other mental health problem e.g., schizophrenia
Main reason for admission Risk of deliberate self-harm
Other risks i.e., self-neglect, accidental self-harm, abuse/exploitation or falls, or carer stress
Behaviour management related i.e., need for behaviour management, risk of harming others or care breakdown
Need for diagnostic assessment, medication review or treatment
Challenging behaviour Low (behaviour score 0 or 1)
Medium (behaviour score 2–7, typically including agitation, wandering and/or disturbed sleep)
High (behaviour score 8–14, typically including resistance to care and/or aggression)
Living situation Resident primary carer (including care home residents)
No resident carer