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Table 3 Patient characteristics

From: Predictors of health worker performance after Integrated Management of Childhood Illness training in Benin: a cohort study

Variable Mean (%)
  N=8,277 consultations
Age <1 year 40.0
Female sex 45.4
Patient temperature in degrees Celsius, mean (range) 38.0 (31.0, 41.7)
# total IMCI tasks required (case complexity) 26.5 (18, 43)
At least one danger sign 2.7
Gold-standard classification of fevera 86.2
Gold-standard classification of anemiaa 38.3
Gold-standard classification of pneumoniaa 34.0
Gold-standard classification of diarrheaa 18.6
Patient complaint of cough or difficult breathing 39.8
Patient complaint of diarrhea 15.3
Patient complaint of fever or malaria 75.2
  1. aDerived from computer algorithm analysis of documented patient assessment variables