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Table 2 Health facility and health worker characteristics

From: Predictors of health worker performance after Integrated Management of Childhood Illness training in Benin: a cohort study

Variable Mean (%)
  N=8,277 consultations
Health facility level  
Large (vs. small) facility (district-level referral center vs. clinic) 33.3
Health worker level  
Health worker age in years , mean (range) 35.8 (25, 53)
Female health worker 73.5
10+ consultations on day of child's visita 6.5
Previous malaria trainingb 20.5
# supervision visits in previous 6 months, mean (range) 1.6 (0, 8)
1+ other IMCI-trained health worker at facility 50.6
  1. Note: for consultations with at least one potentially life-threatening illness
  2. aConsultations of patients 2–59 months
  3. bPrior to IMCI training, which all health workers received. Previous diarrhea training (25.6 %) instead of previous malaria treatment was modeled for diarrhea treatment outcome
  4. Values may vary over time for the same health worker