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Table 4 Core elements of Avahan common minimum programme for transition

From: Management practices to support donor transition: lessons from Avahan, the India AIDS Initiative

Nature of Activity Description Responsible Actors Timing
Planning Develop a step-by-step plan for each round of transition with clear milestones. Agree on this with SACS. SLP, transition manager, SACS, TSU1 12 months prior to handover
Selection of TIs Develop criteria to select TIs to be transitioned. SLP, SACS, TSU 12 months prior
Review core program indicators of potentially transitioning TIs M&E Manager, transition manager 6 months prior
Conduct mock joint assessments SLP 3-6 months prior
Conduct joint assessment visits to finalize selection SLP, SACS, TSU 3-6 months prior
Staff orientation Training for SLP staff, CBO and NGO staff and district officers in different aspects of transition SLPs 6, 3 and 1 month prior
Alignment Align Avahan TI contracts with government norms SLP Started earlier over rounds: approx. 12 months prior in 2012 round
Ensure TIs follow all government administrative norms (Budget, staffing etc.) SLP 1 year prior
Ensure TIs following government reporting system SLP 6-12 months prior
Develop post-transition support agreements Develop a clear post-transition support document, with clear levels of budget and deliverables SLP and SACS 1-2 months prior
Back-up support Create a financial reserve in case of delays in funding disbursement SLP As per need at handover
Deliver support as agreed in post-transition support document SLP As agreed in post-transition support document
Ongoing monitoring Monthly joint visits with TSU and SLP to provide monitoring and mentoring support SLP As agreed in post-transition support document
  1. Acronyms: CBO – Community Based Organization; NGO – Non-Government Organization; SACS – State AIDS Control Society; SLP – State Lead Partner; TI –Targeted Intervention; TSU – Technical Support Unit
  2. 1TSU – Technical Support Unit
  3. Source: Avahan Common Minimum Programme for Transition