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Table 1 Baseline characteristics of participants

From: Effect of distance to health facility on the maintenance of INR therapeutic ranges in rheumatic heart disease patients from Cape Town: no evidence for an association

  Number Percent
Patients who completed >12 month follow-up and for whom address and INR data were available 133  
Average age (SD) 53 years (1.25)
Female 110 83
No of patients with mechanical valve replacement 105 79
No of patients with non-mechanical valve replacement 28 21
Co-morbidities n/Na %
Hypertension 27/99 27
Stroke 28/111 25
Diabetes 19/98 19
  1. N total number of patients, % percentage, SD standard deviation, n number of patients who suffer from co-mobidities
  2. aData were not available on all patients