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Table 2 Significant differences between pilot regions and other Dutch regions (2013)

From: The implementation of national action program diabetes in the Netherlands: lessons learned

  Pilot regions (%) (N = 168) Entire sample (%) (N = 1370)
In possession of the CS 51.9 43.7
Working largely or completely in accordance with CS 91.0 89.2
Regarding the CS completely as norm for high quality care 38.2 24.9
Experiencing barriers in relation to financial, legislative and regulations issues regarding care and prevention in accordance with the CS 28.8 39.6
Providing education and information about lifestyle to almost all or all patients 63.8 56.9
Experiencing strong improvements in diabetes care past 2.5 years 26.5 16.2
  1. Note: all differences were significant on p < 0.05 level