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Table 1 Types of mechanisms targeted to improve care coordination

From: Do existing mechanisms contribute to improvements in care coordination across levels of care in health services networks? Opinions of the health personnel in Colombia and Brazil

Coordination basis Theoretical coordination mechanisms Care coordination mechanisms
Programming Standardization of skills Expert system: continuing medical training, alternatives to traditional consultations (case review, clinical sessions, etc.)
Standardization of work processes Clinical guidelines, healthcare maps, pharmacological guides, discharge planning;
Patients’ referral protocols and pathways;
Shared appointment system;
Action planning system.
Standardization of outputs Healthcare maps;
Performance monitoring systems.
Feedback Direct supervision Program or process manager.
Mutual adjustment Informal communication E-mail, post, web, phone, informal meetings.
Liaison mechanisms Multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary healthcare teams;
Liaising job posts: case manager and patient referral centres;
Permanent committees: cross-level management committee;
Integration manager: care manager, cross-field manager;
Matrix design.
Integrated information system Referral and counter-referral form;
Clinical information systems.
  1. Source: Adapted from Terraza et al. [12] based on Mintzberg [15] and Galbraith [16]