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Table 2 Characteristics of the respondents

From: Exploration of the content validity and feasibility of the EQ-5D-3L, ICECAP-O and ASCOT in older adults

Respondent Age Living situation Region Educational level Frailty score (PRISMA-7) Self-perceived health Self-perceived QoL
Mrs. N. 90 Alone Amsterdam Middle 4 Fair Fair
Mr. O. 77 With partner West-Friesland High 2 Fair Unknown
Mr. Q. 100 With daughter Amsterdam Middle 6 Good Fair
Mrs. S. 88 With partner West-Friesland Low 5 Fair Fair
Mr. U. 75 With partner West-Friesland High 4 Poor Good
Mr. W. 67 Alone Amsterdam Low 1 Good Good
Mrs. X. 88 Alone Amsterdam Low 6 Fair Fair
Mrs. Y. 75 With partner West-Friesland Middle 2 Good Very good
Mrs. Z. 91 Alone West-Friesland Middle 4 Poor Good
Mrs. A. 91 With partner Amsterdam Middle 6 Poor Poor
  1. Note. A higher PRISMA-7 score denotes a higher risk for functional decline