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Table 3 Regression analysis results of comparison of national health insurance beneficiaries and medical aid beneficiaries after copayment waiver policy implementation

From: An evaluation on the effect of the copayment waiver policy for Korean hospitalized children under the age of six

Variable Inpatient days per case Hospital expenditure per case
Total Industrial worker Self-employed Total Industrial worker Self-employed
Intercept 1.784a 1.791a 1.777a 11.874a 11.858a 11.929a
Sex −0.004a −0.003a −0.008a 0.051a 0.053a 0.044a
Age −0.019a −0.022a −0.018a 0.115a 0.118a 0.103a
Type of medical institute       
Tertiary hospital and General hospital 0.192a 0.191a 0.197a 1.096a 1.101a 1.085a
Hospital 0.080a 0.074a 0.100a 0.328a 0.309a 0.378a
Clinic - - - - - -
Etc. (Dental hospital, Health center, Oriental medical clinic) −0.439a −0.418a −0.408a −0.139a −0.216a 0.028
Fatal disease 0.426a 0.430a 0.418a 0.557a 0.564a 0.536a
Group (Ref: medical aids group) −0.428a −0.452a −0.393a −0.177a −0.178a −0.188a
Time −0.125a −0.127a −0.125a 0.035a 0.039a 0.023a
Group*time (difference in difference estimator) 0.101a 0.104a 0.104a −0.123a −0.133a −0.097a
R2 0.102 0.108 0.105 0.354 0.364 0.329
  1. aP-value < 0.05.