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Table 9 Morphine equivalents utilization in pre- and post-index 6-month periods and difference-in-difference comparison between pregabalin and duloxetine

From: A retrospective, matched cohort study of potential drug-drug interaction prevalence and opioid utilization in a diabetic peripheral neuropathy population initiated on pregabalin or duloxetine

  Morphine equivalents milligrams/30 days
  Mean Standard deviation
Pre-index 525.7 1,682.0
Post-index 585.9 1,539.8
Difference 60.2 899.2
Pre-index 442.6 1,208.0
Post-index 619.5 1,652.7
Difference 176.9 936.5
Difference-in-difference comparison* 60.2 vs. 176.9  
Statistical difference* t = −1.90, p = 0.058
  1. *Difference in Difference t-statistic derived from a generalized linear mixed model with an identity link and a Gaussian distribution adjusting for baseline demographics, Deyo-Charlson comorbidity index, and pre- and post-index non-opioid pain medication utilization.