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Table 4 Unmatched participants’ answer to the question “What is the primary reason why you did not see a physician?”

From: Role of community health outreach program “living for health”® in improving access to federally qualified health centers in Miami-dade county, Florida: a cross-sectional study

Question Distribution Frequency Percentage
What is the primary reason why you did not see a physician? 1- No insurance 490 50.8%
2- Can’t afford to go 73 7.3%
3- Appointment delay 109 11.3%
4- Do not feel I need to see a doctor 114 11.7%
5- Not told I need to see a physician 1 0.1%
6- Do not have time/have to work 130 13.4%
7- Clinic did not call for appt 25 2.1%
8- Other 18 3.2%
Describe the reason why you didn’t go to the FQHC? The FQHC were not flexible in arranging the appointment 1 0.1%
The FQHC required Tax return and other documents the patient could not provide 1 0.1%
Will visit another physician in native country 1 0.1%
Patient preferred to wait until they became Medicaid eligible 1 0.1%