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Table 2 Percentage of participants from the study areas who were willing to participate in the proposed NHI

From: Willingness to participate and Pay for a proposed national health insurance in St. Vincent and the grenadines: a cross-sectional contingent valuation approach

Location Villages Willing to participate (%) Mean % willing to participate
URBAN Cane Garden 71.9%  
  Kingstown 92.3% 82.1%
SUB-URBAN Belair/Fountain 74.2%  
  Campden Park 80.0% 72.73%
  Calliaqua 64.0%  
RURAL Barrouallie 56.3% 66.18%
  Calder 85.0%  
  Clare Valley 60.0%  
  Enhams 68.0%  
  Georgetown 66.7%  
  Layou 74.1%  
  Richland Park 59.3%  
  Sandy Bay 60.0%  
GRENADINES Bequia 62.5% 66.65%
  Union Island 70.8%