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Table 5 ART sites providing comprehensive care through the involvement of PLHIV and links to CHBC

From: HIV service delivery models towards ‘Zero AIDS-related Deaths’: a collaborative case study of 6 Asia and Pacific countries

  Cambodia Myanmar Nepal PNG Thailand Vietnam
Linking approach
National guidance and framework −Framework and SOPs on continuum of care Strategy on comprehensive continuum of care for PLHIV −Strategy to initiate CHBC −Strategy of greater involvement of PLHIV −Policy of National Security Office to support PLHIV network −Action plan on care and treatment
−SOPs for ‘MMM’ (center for friends help friends) and CHBC   −Guidelines and SOPs for CHBC    −ART protocol
      −SOPs for CHBC
Features of collaboration between ART sites, PLHIV and CHBC −‘MMM’ established inside ART sites and managed by a few PLHIV −NGO clinics covering about 75% of PLHIV on ART −PLHIV workers of NGOs visit ART sites on clinic days to complement services provided by health workers −ART sites established continuum of care centers as pilot project −Comprehensive Continuum of Care (CCC) Centers run by PLHIV −ART sites involving PLHIV as member of ART team and facilitating PLHIV peer support groups
−Monthly meetings of ‘MMM’ involving patients, health workers and often hospital management −In all NGO clinics, PLHIV working as part of care team −Most CHBC teams involve PLHIV and are based at NGO-run HIV prevention and care centers −PLHIV peer educators in ART sites −CCC Centers located inside ART sites in some areas, outside in other areas −A number of CHBC models including ART sites based; Stand-alone model run by PLHIV groups and local NGOs; Led by Women’s Union; and Commune health station based.
−PLHIV working as part of ART team −PLHIV having some role in government run clinics too   −The continuum of care centers linked to CHBC teams −CHBC led by PLHIV as part of activities of CCC Centers  
−NGO-led CHBC teams involving PLHIV and attending ‘MMM’ meetings and local coordination meetings −Local coordination meetings involving CHBC     
Scale −Most ART sites having MMM −PLHIV as care provider in all NGO run clinics −All ART sites supported by PLHIV workers −4 ART sites established the centers −367 CCC Centers operational −More than 100 ART sites involve PLHIV as member of ART teams and linked to CHBC
−356 CHBC teams linked to 848 sub-district health centers −CHBC at least in 15/325 townships −More than half of ART sites linked to CHBC −5 ART sites having PLHIV peer educators −CHBC at least in 400/878 districts −185 CHBC teams
   −CHBC in 13/75 districts −CHBC in 2/89 districts   
  1. Remark: SOPs: Standard operating procedures, CHBC: Community- and home-based care.
  2. Source: National HIV programs of 6 countries as of 2010.