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Table 6 Summary of primary eye care activities in the six PHC units in Varamin

From: “Planning eye health services in Varamin district, Iran: a cross-sectional study”

  Number of units Proportion Details
High level staff with some formal training in eye care 2 33.3% A full-time GP worked in each unit and a part-time optometrist worked one day a week in one of these two units
Mid-level eye health staff - - Such as ophthalmic nurse or health workers trained in eye care
Community eye care workers - -  
Written plan for eye health - -  
Written guidelines for eye health and prevention of blindness 2 33.3% The 2 units had a booklet called “Healthy Infant” covering major eye health issues for children
Snellen VA charts 5 83.3% Snellen chart was used at least once a week in 4; in the other two units a chart was never or only rarely used
Ophthalmoscope 1 16.6%  
Measles vaccination 6 100%  
Vitamin A supplementation 6 100%  
Red eye treatment 2 33.3%  
Delivering primary eye care for eye trauma 1 16.6%  
Screening programme for diabetic retinopathy 1 16.6%  
Early detection of cataract 2 33.3% In these units newborns and infants were examined for white pupil
Formal referral pathways to the secondary and tertiary levels - -  
Eye health promotion for the community - -