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Table 3 NHRS components in Malawi

From: National health research system in Malawi: dead, moribund, tepid or flourishing?

NHRS component Present or not
National health policy Yes
Strategic health plan Yes
Health research policy No
Law relating to health research Yes
Law includes ethical concerns Yes
Strategic health research plan No
National health research management forum No
Functional ethical review committee Yes
Functional scientific review committee Yes
Institutions with institutional review committees Yes
Hospitals with ethical review committees Yes
National health research focal point in the country Yes
Guidelines for development of collaboration agreements on health research involving health institutions and agencies outside the country Yes
Health research program Yes
National health research agenda Yes
Health research program action plan Yes
Knowledge translation platform Yes
Health research program conducts research No
National health research institute(s) or council No
Universities with faculties of health sciences that conduct research Yes
Faculties of health sciences with memorandum of understanding with Ministry of Health Yes
Budget line for research for health in Ministry of Health budget Yes
NGOs that undertake health research Yes