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Table 2 Discriminant validity

From: Assessing the effects of pharmacists’ perceived organizational support, organizational commitment and turnover intention on provision of medication information at community pharmacies in Lithuania: a structural equation modeling approach

  Perceived organizational support Organizational commitment Turnover intention Provision of medication information
Perceived Organizational Support 0.82 169.25* 192.01* 410.89*
Organizational Commitment 0.73* 0.81 151.67* 481.83*
Turnover Intention −0.54* −0.66* 0.87 258.37*
Provision of Medication Information 0.24* 0.26* −0.17* 0.71
  1. * – p < 0.001.
  2. Notes: Lower non-diagonal elements are the correlations between the constructs; diagonal elements (in italics) are the square root of the average variance extracted (AVE); upper non-diagonal elements represent chi-square difference (∆χ2 (df = 1)) between two models—the first with correlation constrained to 1.00 and the second with unconstrained correlation.