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Table 1 Summary of contextual factors influencing the introduction of the rehabilitation guarantee as reported in one or several county councils

From: Implementation of evidence-based rehabilitation for non-specific back pain and common mental health problems: a process evaluation of a nationwide initiative

Contextual factors reported to help the implementation process
- The financial incentive
- Support from key stakeholders in facilitating and developing project organizations
- The establishment and support of project organizations
- Positive attitudes towards teams and teambuilding
- Previous experiences from working with similar initiatives
Contextual factors reported to hinder the implementation process
- The project form, including annual renegotiations and narrow time window for implementation
- Delayed decisions concerning criteria for selection and financial incentives
- Unspecified treatment modalities
- Lack of well-defined criteria for patient selection
- Late introduction of time- and resource-intensive treatment
- The lack of competence in PT at the clinical level
- Recruitment difficulties
- Negative attitudes to the choice of PTs included in the RG
- Fragmentation of a comprehensive county primary care
- Turnover of experienced physicians at the health care units hindering the possibility to work in well-functioning teams