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Table 3 Most frequent prescriptions resulting in PIMs

From: A comparison of estimated drug costs of potentially inappropriate medications between older patients receiving nurse home visit services and patients receiving pharmacist home visit services: a cross-sectional and propensity score analysis

  Prescription (n = 430); n (%)
1 Calcium-channel blockers with chronic constipation 74 (17.2%)
2 Long-term use of NSAID (>3 months) for relief of mild joint pain in osteoarthritis 16 (3.7%)
3 Long-term (>1 month) use of long-acting benzodiazepines, and with long-acting metabolites 15 (3.5%)
4 NSAID with moderate-to-severe hypertension or with heart failure 14 (3.3%)
5 Loop diuretic as first-line monotherapy for hypertension or for dependent ankle edema only 13 (3.0%)
6 Any regular duplicate drug class prescription, such as two concurrent opiates, NSAIDs, serotonin-specific reuptake inhibitors, loop diuretics, and ACE inhibitors 11 (2.6%)
7 Benzodiazepines for patients who have had at least 1 fall in the past 3 months 10 (2.3%)