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Table 2 The six initial projects of the Greater Manchester CLAHRC

From: Facilitating large-scale implementation of evidence based health care: insider accounts from a co-operative inquiry

Stroke Implementation of six month post-stroke reviews (a requirement of the National Stroke Strategy)*.
Diabetes Implementation of an intensive lifestyle intervention service for people at risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
Chronic kidney disease Implementation of early identification and management systems of people with early stage kidney disease.
Heart Failure Alert Cards Implementation of patient held discharge cards for the improvement of communication and transition of care between primary, community and secondary organisations.
Heart Failure Implementation of a programme of education and management systems to raise awareness and improve clinical skills.
Heart Failure Website Implementation of heart failure website to bring together resources for patients with heart failure and for those who care for them.
  1. *Department of Health. National Stroke Strategy. London: Department of Health, 2005.