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Table 1 Comparison of roles that facilitate the implementation of EBHC

From: Facilitating large-scale implementation of evidence based health care: insider accounts from a co-operative inquiry

Criteria Opinion Leader Facilitator Champion Change agent Knowledge broker Knowledge transfer associate KTA
Theory Social influence Problem solving models Social influence Change theory Rational linear model of EBHC The PARIHS model (Promoting action on research implementation, Kitson et al., [2]);
Specific purpose Evaluate Achieve change/goal Promote Change behaviour Implement research into health care Implement research into health care
Role Informal Formal Informal Formal Formal Formal
Nature of evidence Expert, experiential Collective construction Expert, experiential Rational, experiential, expert Rational Integrated approach - theoretical, experiential, contextual and empirical
Who are they? Individual Individual Individual or organisational Individual or organisational Individual or Organisational Individual and Organisational
Trained or employed for role No Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Domain of influence Work unit, speciality Boundary spanning Project specific Boundary spanning Boundary spanning Boundary spanning
Relationships On-going Short-term On-going Short-term Short-term Short-term
Organisational orientation Internal Internal or external Internal Internal or external Internal or External Internal or External
  1. (Adapted from Thompson et al., [1]).