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Table 1 Characteristics of Independent variables

From: Missed opportunities for brief intervention in tobacco control in primary care: patients’ perspectives from primary health care settings in India

Characteristics Description & measurement
Age Self-reported in years
Sex Self-reported (male or female)
Marital Status Self-reported as either ‘never married’, ‘married or living together’, ‘Divorced/separated’ or ‘Widowed’
Education Self-reported as either ‘Primary incomplete (Not completed class VII)’, ‘Primary Complete (Completed class VII)’, ‘Secondary Incomplete (Not completed class X)’, ‘Secondary Complete (Completed class X)’, ‘Higher Secondary complete (Completed class XII)’, ‘College/University complete (Degree / PG)’ or ‘Other’
Caste Self-reported as either General, Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribe, Other Backward Caste, or other caste (Caste definitions as recognised by the Government of India)
Poverty Self-reported; national poverty line is estimated at Rs. 816 per capita per month for rural areas and Rs. 1,000 per capita per month in urban areas
Area of residence Rural and Urban
Employment Self-reported employment status as either ‘employed or unemployed’ derived from responses to question B09 in the questionnaire (Additional file 1)
Number of quit attempts in the past 12 months Self-reported, derived from responses to question C18 in the questionnaire (Additional file 1)
Form of tobacco Self-reported as either smoking form of tobacco, smokeless form of tobacco or both.
Presenting Illness Self-reported; General ailments include fever, wounds, diarrhoea etc; Respiratory complaints include cough, TB and other respiratory conditions; Obstetric & Gynaecological complaints include ANC, family planning and delivery, Chronic conditions include cardiovascular diseases, asthma, diabetes and cancers; and other includes conditions that did not fit any of the above categories. Derived from question D02 in the questionnaire (Additional file 1).
General Ailments
Respiratory complaints
Obstetric & Gynaecological
Chronic conditions
Number of visits in the past 12 months Self-reported
Healthcare provider seen Recorded on the basis of the designation and qualification of the HSP seen. Derived from question D03 in the questionnaire (Additional file 1).