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Table 2 Questions and answers concerning “dignity”

From: Patients’ perception of dignity in an Italian general hospital: a cross-sectional analysis

No. Questions Positive answers (%) Negative answers (%) No answers (%)
1 “Before you exposed the private parts of your body in order to undergo medical procedures, had nurses closed the door of your room?” 66% 10% 24%
2 “Did you receive enough privacy when you needed to use the bed-pan and/or urine bottle to urinate, e.g. did nurses cover you with a bed sheet or blanket?” 46% 14% 40%
3 “Did nurses take care to cover the private parts of your body at the end of each procedure?” 74% 4% 22%
4 “Did you have privacy to use the bathroom?” 85% 5% 10%
5 “While undergoing medical procedures which required the exposure of private parts of your body, did the door of your room remain closed?” 72% 8% 20%
6 “Did nurses ask your permission before performing care procedures on your body?” 67% 19% 14%
7 “Did nurses provide information on the diagnostic and therapeutic procedures that you needed?” 62% 30% 8%
8 “Did the nurses involve you in your health program and allow you to make decisions in this regard?” 46% 44% 10%
9 “Did nurses let you do daily activities (bathing, dressing, feeding) if you were able to perform them by yourself?” 61% 20% 19%
10 “Did nurses introduce themselves to you at your first meeting in hospital?” 24% 74% 2%
11 “Did nurses ever refer to you using respectful language without calling you by nicknames?” 88% 8% 4%
12 “Did nurses treat you with respect without using excessively familiar manner?” 77% 20% 3%
13 “When talking to other health care professionals, did nurses refer to you using your name rather than the number of your bed ?” 76% 10% 14%
14 “Did nurses interact with you using a kind and warm tone?” 75% 25% 0%
15 “During the discussion of personal matters, did nurses ensure sufficient privacy?” 74% 22% 4%