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Table 4 Variable definitions

From: Performing well in financial management and quality of care: evidence from hospital process measures for treatment of cardiovascular disease

Variable name Definition
Quality Score Intervention sample size weighted average score based on Shwartz et. al. [44]
Natural log of Total Assets log (Total Assets)
Financial Leverage Total Liabilities ÷ Total Assets
Total Margin Net Income ÷ Revenue
Asset Turnover (Sales to Assets) Revenue ÷ Total Assets
Current Ratio Current Assets ÷ Current Liabilities
Days Cash On Hand (Cash + Cash Equivalents) × 365 ÷ Operating Expenses
Days Patients Accounts Receivable (Accounts Receivable – Allowances for uncollectible) × 365 ÷ Revenue
Average Age of Plant (Year) Accumulated Depreciation ÷ Annual Depreciation Expense
Salary to Revenue Salary Expense ÷ Revenue
Public Hospital 1 for government owned hospitals and 0 otherwise
Not-for-profit Hospital 1 for nonprofit hospitals and 0 otherwise