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Table 2 Non-teachable moment responses to providers’ inquiries about smoking

From: Teachable moments and missed opportunities for smoking cessation counseling in a hospital emergency department: a mixed-methods study of patient-provider communication

Type of response Example
Non-smoker: no response N: Ok. Are you a smoker?*
P: Am I a smoker? No. I’ve been clean since, August it will be four years.
N: Ok. So you quit smoking four years ago? Ok any alcohol or drugs?
P: No drugs.
Non-smoker: positive reinforcement N: Do you smoke?
P: No.
N: Ok.
P: Quit that two years ago and five months and [twenty-six days.
N: [Good f-
N: Good for you! That’s great!
Smoker: no commentary D: Do you smoke?
P: Yes. Half a [pack a day.
D: [How much?
D: Half a pack a day. Do you drink alcohol?
P: Occasionally.
Smoker: social commentary N: Any drugs?
P: No ma’am.
N: Any not-
P: Tobacco. I guess they consider that a drug. […]
N: You work in tobacco?
P: Hum? Yeah. [I do that. I do that. And I do landscaping.
N: [Tobacco? Ok.
P: I do basically landscaping. But it is tobacco season, so I am out there helping.
N: Do you get a discount?
P: Hum? Uh no [it don’t work like that.
N: [Do you get a discount?
N: It doesn’t work like that. ((Both laugh))
  1. *See Appendix for transcription conventions.