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Table 2 Overview of telestroke in three Regional Health Authorities (RHA) in Norway (1 January 2014)

From: A qualitative description of telemedicine for acute stroke care in Norway: technology is not the issue

Region Collaborating hospitals Technology Status Telestroke operation
Western Norway RHA Health Bergen Two-way video-conferencing and online X-ray transmission Pilot 2008 24/7
    Routine service from 2009  
  Haukeland University Hospital    
  Voss Hospital    
  Health Fonna Two-way video-conferencing and online X-ray transmission 2012 Mo-Fr -> 20:00
     Sa-Su -> 16:00 If local staff on call is at home, they may connect to Haukeland Univ Hospital
  Haugesund Hospital    
  Stord Hospital    
  Odda Hospital
  Health Førde   2009 Not in use due to technical problems
  Førde Central Hospital    
  Nordfjord Hospital    
  Lærdal Hospital    
South-Eastern Norway RHA Sørlandet Hospital Web/PC- based solution in Kristiansand. VC on patients’ side. Online X-ray transmission 2012 in Flekkefjord January 2013 in Arendal 24/7
  Kristiansand Central Hospital    
  Flekkefjord Hospital    
  Arendal Hospital    
Northern Norway RHA Nordland Central Hospital Two-way video-conferencing and online X-ray transmission Pilot-project 2010-2012 Mo-Fr -> 19:30
  Nordland Central Hospital, Bodø   Lofoten Hospital used service untill the end of the project. Not used in Vesterålen.  
  Lofoten Hospital    
  Vesterålen Hospital    
  1. All sites used technologies (systems) according to Norwegian regulations.