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Table 1 Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) programme elements for colonic surgery

From: Identification of promising strategies to sustain improvements in hospital practice: a qualitative case study

Before surgery Preadmission counselling
No preoperative bowel preparation
Preoperative oral carbohydrate administration
During surgery Preventing hypothermia by upper body air-warming device
Use of thoracic epidural anaesthesia
Nasogastric tube removed at end of surgery
After surgery Mobilisation for 15 min on day 0 after surgery
Use of 500 mL oral fluids on day 0 after surgery
Intravenous fluid infusion stopped on postoperative day 1 Mobilisation at least three times for 30 min on postoperative day 1
Resumption of solid food on postoperative day 1
Use of oral nutritional supplements on postoperative day 1
Use of magnesium oxide on postoperative day 1
Removal of (thoracic) epidural analgesia on postoperative day 2