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Table 2 Utility values and costing data considered in the model

From: Economic evaluation of ivabradine in the treatment of chronic heart failure in Greece

Parameters Values Source
Utility values   
No hospitalization   SHIFT trial
NYHA I 0.82  
NYHA II 0.74  
NYHA III 0.64  
NYHA IV 0.46  
Hospitalization   SHIFT trial
NYHA I −0.04  
NYHA II −0.07  
NYHA III −0.10  
NYHA IV −0.29  
Drug costs per month   price bulletin issued by the Greek Ministry of Health [15], law 4052/2012, Government Gazette
Standard care €35.26
Ivabradine €40.52
Other therapy related costs   
ECG €3.44  
Hospitalization cost (cost per diem)   Government Gazzette, Ministerial Desicion 104494, 26/9/2011
Intensive Care Unit €200  
Cardiac Units €110  
Other resource use   Government Gazzette [16] and local experts’ opinion
On-going HF management costs €26.05  
  1. HF: Heart Failure; ECG: electrocardiographic changes; NYHA: New York Heart Association.