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Table 1 Late presentation to health care facilities of HIV AIDS patients in sub Saharan Africa

From: Inpatient mortality of HIV-infected adults in sub-Saharan Africa and possible interventions: a mixed methods review

Reference Country Late stage presentation Patient Population
Bassett, et al. South Africa Median CD4 count of 96 cells/uL Median CD4 count of patients when deemed ART eligible (not ART initiation) at the Sinikithemba HIV clinic at McCord Hospital.
Mulissa, et al. Ethiopia Median CD4 value 156 cells/mm3, WHO stage III (49.2%), WHO stage IV (13.3%) Values of all adult HIV-positive patients at time of presentation to care at Arba Minch Hospital.
Deguenonvo, et al. Dakar, Senegal (Infectious Diseases Clinic of Fann Teaching Hospital) Mean CD4 values was 100/mm3, CD4 cell lymphocytes ≤ 200 in 86% of cases, AIDS diagnosis in 88% of admitted patients All HIV-positive patients hospitalized in the Infectious Diseases Clinic of Fann Teaching Hospital in Dakar.
Amuron, et al. Jinja, Uganda Median CD4 value was 157/mm3 (patients screened between January 6 and December 6, 2005) HIV-infected subjects being tested for ART eligibility after HIV-diagnosis at The AIDS Support Clinic.
Ingle, et al. South Africa Median CD4 value was 101/mm3 in 2007 Initial CD4 screening in HIV-infected patients from 36 facilities participating in the Comprehensive HIV and AIDS Management (CHAM) program testing for ART eligibility after HIV diagnosis.
The ART-LINC Collaboration of the International Databases to Evaluate AIDS Sub-Saharan Africa (Review) Median baseline* CD4 value was 122 cells/mm3 in 2005–2006 in Africa** HIV-infected patients from numerous health facilities throughout sub-Saharan Africa**.
  1. *Measurements of laboratory values closest to the starting date of ART (within 6 months before up to one week after the date of starting ART) were taken as the baseline levels. For very low CD4 values (<25 cells ⁄ll) and high HIV viral loads (>100 000 copies ⁄ ml) the time window was extended to one year before starting therapy.
  2. **Sites of evaluation from (1) Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire, (2) Dakar, Senegal, (3) Eldoret, Kenya, (4) Kampala, Uganda, (5) Mbarara, Uganda, (6) Lilongwe, Malawi, (7) Cape Town, South Africa, (8) Johannesburg, South Africa, (9) Soweto, South Africa.