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Table 5 Factors influencing implementation of ADDR by community pharmacists

From: Awareness and current implementation of drug dosage adjustment by pharmacists in patients with chronic kidney disease in Japan: a web-based survey

Factor Odds ratio 95% Confidence interval p value
Routinely receive prescriptions from nephrologists    
 No (ref) 1.16–8.44 0.0247
 Yes 3.12   
Experience with adverse drug events caused by inappropriate dosage    
 No (ref) 1.00–15.3 0.0498
 Yes 3.92   
Work experience    
 <5 years (ref) 0.96–6.02 0.616
 ≥5 years 2.40   
Awareness of need for pharmacists to check dosage of renally excreted drugs 4.44 2.52–7.81 <0.001
  1. Predictors: duration of work experience, Routinely dispense prescriptions from nephrologists, obstacle to implementation of ADDR, awareness of pharmacotherapy for CKD patients.