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Table 4 Historical account of the KTPs development

From: Initiatives supporting evidence informed health system policymaking in Cameroon and Uganda: a comparative historical case study

Year Global focusing event Cameroon Uganda
2001 United Nations Organization launches the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) including three health MDGs Validation of the health sector strategic plan 2001-2015 Duluti Lake regional consultation convened by the MoH Tanzania to discuss gaps in research-policy-practice within the East African Community. Recommendation to approach Canada IDRC for support.
2002   A division of health operations research is established in the ministry of health  
2003 Completion of the TEHIP research project in Tanzania A Director of the division of health operations research is appointed Efforts to structure national knowledge translation activities following the consultation led by the National Institute of Medical Research Tanzania
2004 WHO AFRO Regional Committee endorses the “Roadmap for accelerating the attainment of MDGs 4 & 5. WHO Report “Knowledge for better health” highlights the need for enhanced knowledge translation efforts. Mexico Ministerial Summit on health research ends with a declaration calling for action. Cameroon represented at the Mexico Ministerial Summit. Cameroon and COHRED launch collaboration for research priority setting and developing a national research policy. Establishment of an inter-sectoral consultative commission for health research Uganda represented at the Mexico Ministerial Summit.
Canada IDRC provides resources for the KTP work especially the concept development, the preparation of country cases studies and national workshops in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda
2005 WHA resolution on Evidence Informed Policy Network (EVIPNet). Creation of thematic research-to-policy groups for HIV-AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis and social sciences under the lead of the Division of health operations research. Conduct of the Health Research System Analysis in collaboration with Research Policy and Cooperation department at the WHO headquarter in Geneva Country design workshops on the need, the institution, the function, autonomy, resources etc. Regional design workshop endorsed by the EAC Ministers of health. Funding proposal to support REACH-PI under EAC in Arusha. Launch of the Health Sector Strategic Plan 2005/06-09/10
2006 EVIPNet Africa launched in Brazzaville followed by a call for letters of intent for planning grants Launch of the EVIPNet Cameroon with its secretariat housed in the division of health operations research. The initial priorities are malnutrition and non communicable diseases Official launch of REACH-PI under the East Africa Health Research Council housed in Arusha
Global Forum for Health Research meeting in Cairo with a focus on research partnership Advocacy and resource mobilisation activities
International Dialogue on EIHP in Thailand
2007 SURE proposal development workshop to be submitted to the EC- FP7 (Oslo – Norway) EVIPNet Cameroon receives a planning grant from WHO-HQ. Mid-term evaluation of the Health Sector Strategic Plan. EVIPNet Africa steering group is established Financial support from IDRC, Swiss Tropical Institute and the Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research (AHPSR) to REACH-PI. Evidence brief on male circumcision
2008 EVIPNet workshop on preparing policy briefs to scale up access to ACT Addis Ababa – Ethiopia Preparation of the policy brief on scaling up access to ACT. Global Health Leadership Award(GHLA) from Canada Global Health Research Initiative to establish a knowledge brokerage unit, the Centre for the Development of Best Practices in Health – CDBPH at the Yaoundé Central Hospital to serve as EVIPNet Cameroon secretariat Recruitment of a scientist/knowledge broker for REACH-PI in Arusha. Preparation of the policy brief on scaling up access to ACT. Uganda National Health Research Organization reinforces its knowledge translation activities.
Bamako Ministerial Summit calling for a new impetus for knowledge translation. EC-FP7 selects SURE project for funding
2009 African Union Conference of Ministers in Ethiopia launches the “campaign for accelerated reduction of maternal mortality in Africa”. IDRC awards an International Research Chair grant to support knowledge translation in Africa and for EVIPNet Africa. EVIPNet workshop in Paris. IJHTA published policy briefs on scaling up access to ACT. SUPPORT tools for EIHP. Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research awarded a grant to CDBPH to support the transition towards a Health SWAp to produce four evidence briefs on governance, health financing, and malaria control and health information system and to organize two policy dialogues on health financing and malaria control. Researchers attended capacity building workshops in Kampala The Office of the Principal at Makerere University College of Health Sciences in Kampala is designated to host and manage the SURE grant on behalf REACH-PI. First SURE annual meeting and workshops to build capacity for EIHP. KTPE workshop on evaluation of knowledge translation platforms. The NOKC provided technical assistance to MUCHS to establish the SURE project
2010 The UN MDG report suggests goals 4 and 5 will not be met in Cameroon and Uganda. SURE annual meeting in Lusaka. First Global Symposium on Health Systems Research in Montreux- Switzerland with several sessions on EIHP. EVIPNet Africa call for applications on innovative strategies for EIHP Priority setting for SURE project – more details in Table 6 Second National Health Policy, and Health Sector Strategic Plan 2010/11-2014/15
Implementation of SURE project and AHPSR ID49 grant
Policy brief on governance for health district development Implementation of SURE project – more details in Table 6
CDBPH wins an EVIPNet grant to support capacity building for civil society and media on EIHP Launch of the Rapid Response Service
EVIPNet grant to support the Uganda clearinghouse
Capacity building workshop to conduct Cochrane systematic reviews IRCI research seminar
2011 SURE annual meeting in Maputo. Publication of the workbook for health systems guidance and the PLoS series on health systems guidance Implementation of SURE project – more details in Table 6. The NOKC provided technical assistance to CDBPH. Co-application for a DFID grant onto support Effective Health Care Research with Stellenbosch University Implementation of SURE project – more details in Table 6Implementation of EVIPNet grant
IRCI Knowledge translation workshop
2012 International Forum on EIHP in LMIC Addis Ababa – Ethiopia. 2ndGlobal Symposium on HSR in Beijing – China Implementation of SURE project – more details in Table 6 Implementation of SURE project – more details in Table 6
IRCI Knowledge translation workshop
Launch of the Rapid Response Service