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Table 2 KTP Analytical Framework

From: Initiatives supporting evidence informed health system policymaking in Cameroon and Uganda: a comparative historical case study

Functions Domains Activities Outputs Targets of influence
Capacity Building Research and evidence production Workshops to conduct relevant research and prepare evidence syntheses Skilled individuals Researchers
Resources and tools
Linking evidence to policy Workshops to demand and access evidence resources Skilled individuals Stakeholders
Resources and tools Policymakers
Evaluation Ongoing monitoring Annual reports Institutions, interests, ideas and external factors
Lessons learnt
Sustainability Grant applications Meeting reports
Advocacy meetings Grants
Doctoral studies program
Knowledge Management Planning Priority setting exercises Lists of health priority issues and evidence gaps Research content
Research processes
Research production and synthesis Synthesizing evidence Systematic reviews Policy content
Summarizing evidence Evidence briefs and summaries Policy processes
Dissemination Maintaining a clearinghouse Resources, tools and evidence Interests, ideas
Conference participation Abstract books
Linkage and Exchange Linkage Priority setting exercises Meeting reports Interests, ideas
Facilitating user-pull Policy processes
Exchange Organizing deliberative dialogues Dialogue reports Research processes
External actors