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Table 1 Outcome measures and follow ups

From: A research-based strategy for managing housing adaptations: study protocol for a quasi-experimental trial

Primary outcome Measurements Baseline 3 months 6 months 12 months
  (T1) (T2) (T3) (T4)
Usability of the home Usability in My Home instrument [28],[29]. X X X X
ADL dependence and difficulty ADL Staircase [26],[41]. X X X X
Secondary outcome      
Fear of falling The Short Falls Efficacy Scale-International [42]. X X X X
Fall incidence Retrospective self-report on falls incidences during the last six months X X X X
Mobility devices Self-reported use and need X X X X
Participation and satisfaction Self-reported aspects of participation and satisfaction. X X X X
Health-related quality of life and quality adjusted life years (QUALYs) EQ-5D-5L [47]. X X X X
Cost Item on costs for staff, material, travel, administration, etc. X X X X
Repeated HA Self-reported question and register data from the municipality   X X X
Relocation Self-reported question   X X X
Formal and informal care Items on formal and informal care, who, and minutes per week, self-reported X    X
Descriptive variables      
Age, gender, country of origin, educational level, employment, and civil status. Self-reported questions X    
Living conditions and housing standards   X X X X
Cognitive status Montreal Cognitive Assessment, MOCA [49],[50]. X    
Functional limitations Housing Enabler [48]. X X X X
Environmental barriers Housing Enabler [48]. X    
  1. List of abbreviations: ADL Activities of Daily Living, EQ-5D European Quality of Life-5 Dimensions, HA Housing Adaptation.