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Table 5 Themes and sub-themes identified in interviews

From: Process evaluation of a point-of-care cluster randomised trial using a computer-delivered intervention to reduce antibiotic prescribing in primary care

Interview group Themes Subthemes
GPs Awareness of implementation -Aware of implementation and confident to use prompts
   -Unaware of implementation and confusion as to prompts’ purpose
  Usefulness of prompts -Useful for inexperienced practitioners
   -Support for decision
   -A reminder/reference tool
   -Can help reduce prescribing
   -Not needed as guidelines already followed
  Positive impact on patients -Assistance in persuading patients
   -Acceptable to patients
   -Patient information sheet very useful feature.
  Usability issues -Easy to use
   -Easy to control
   -Limited time to read and use
   -Only English language available
   -Additional features
   -Simplify further
   -Increase visibility of prompts
Implementation staff Communication difficulties within practices -Delays due to practice staff unawareness of study.
-Improvements to staff awareness needed.
  1. GPs=general practitioners.