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Table 4 Interview schedule for implementation staff

From: Process evaluation of a point-of-care cluster randomised trial using a computer-delivered intervention to reduce antibiotic prescribing in primary care

Question number Question
1 Could you briefly outline your role in the implementation of the RTI prompts used in this trial?
2 What do you think were the main challenges in setting up the trial?
3 How do you feel these may have impacted the trial overall?
4 How do you think the recruitment methods used to allocate practices may have influenced the trial?
5 How do you think the level of communication between the team and practices may have influenced the overall implementation of the trial?
6 Overall what do you think the main difficulties are in implementing an intervention of this nature?
7 What do you think could be done in the future to improve the implementation of interventions like these?
8 Finally, do you have any further comments you’d like to add based on your experience of this intervention?