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Table 3 Semi-structured interview schedule for GPs

From: Process evaluation of a point-of-care cluster randomised trial using a computer-delivered intervention to reduce antibiotic prescribing in primary care

Question number Question
1 How did you feel about the prompts appearing?
2 How do you think patients felt about the prompts?
3 How much did you discuss the use of prompts with colleagues? (What did they think?).
4 Can you tell me about any situation where you successfully used the prompts?
5 Can you tell about any situation where you chose not to use the prompts.
6 Can you give me an example of a situation where you used the prompts but experienced a problem or difficulty?
7 How do you think the prompts could be improved or made easier to use?
8 Can you give me any examples of features of the prompts that you did not like?
9 How do you think the prompts impacted practice? (Any impacts on practice positive or negative. i.e. did they think the prompts 'worked'?)