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Table 4 Categories included in health state descriptions

From: Health state descriptions to elicit stroke values: do they reflect patient experience of stroke?

Author Solomon et al. [ [24]] Gage et al. [ [33] Hallan et al. [ [14]] Slot & Berge [ [35] Shin et al. [ [34]] Robinson et al. [ [13]] Samsa et al. [ [17]]
Year 1994 1996 1999 2009 1997 2001 1998
Stroke severity Mild/moderate severe Mild/moderate/major Minor/major Mild/moderate/severe Minor/major Mild/severe Major
Paralysis x x x x x x x
Dependence x x x x x x x
Feeling weakness- numbness, tingling x x x x x x  
Mobility and ambulation x x x x x   
Expressive problems x x x x   x x
Coordination & dexterity x x x   x   
Memory/thinking x x x x    
Returning to normal activities x x    x x  
Facial droop x x   x    
Toileting    x x    
Care arrangements x   x     
Mortality x       x
Pain x       
Receptive problems x       
Continuing or worsening disability       x  
Number of categories 13 9 9 8 6 5 4