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Table 2 Analysis of the review process for the RACGP Standards for general practices (4th edition)

From: A mechanism for revising accreditation standards: a study of the process, resources required and evaluation outcomes

Phase Task Objective(s) Time frame Components People involved National Expert Committee - Standards for General Practice (NEC-SGP) involvement
1 Development of review methodology and tools Develop the review feedback methodology and tools Develop methodology to collect feedback from members and stakeholders on current standards 1/09/09 - 30/10/09 Review methodology of previous standards review Senior Project Officer Review documentation and meet
Develop method of collection and analysis of feedback Review and update draft tools Secretariat Decide on accepted review methodology (October)
Recommend to NEC-SGP review methodology Project Manager Recommend review methodology to RACGP Council (November)
NEC-SGP (5) RACGP Council ratify review methodology
Review the evidence base for current method of standards development Ensure development of the new standards are supported by latest evidence 1/09/09 - 30/10/09 Literature search of methods of standards development and assessment Senior Project Officer Secretariat provide recommendations to NEC-SGP on methodology of standards development (October meeting)
Recommendations to NEC-SGP on how to develop and assess standards Secretariat NEC-SGP reviews evidence and accept recommendations on methodology of standards development (October meeting)
Council acceptance of methodology, timeline and cost Project Manager NEC-SGP recommends methodology, timeline and budget required to RACGP Council
NEC-SGP (5) RACGP Council ratifies methodology of standards development process and approves budget (November meeting)
2 Reviewing the evidence base and the current standards Review the evidence base for current standards Ensure new edition includes material that is supported by latest evidence 1/09/09 - 31/12/09 Literature search of each criteria in current edition Senior Project Officer NEC-SGP decide on inclusion or exclusion of current criteria based on evidence presented (January 2010 meeting)
Recommendations to NEC-SGP on latest trends relating to each criteria’s relevance to the next edition Secretariat Decide on membership of subcommittees and chairs; methodology and tools; new material (e.g. e-health, governance, IC, present material)
Review the current standards All feedback on current edition is considered 1/10/09 - 31/01/10 Review feedback collected by RACGP since release of current edition Project Manager Secretariat provides analysis of feedback to subcommittees
New material for possible inclusion in revised edition is identified Collection of feedback from members and stakeholders via focus groups, online surveys and written submissions Secretariat
Analysis of feedback
Recommendations to NEC-SGP and subcommittees on material identified from formal feedback
3 New material development Develop new material for new standards Material included in new edition is evidence based 1/11/09 - 31/03/10 New material is matched with evidence - literature search relating to new material Senior Project Officer Secretariat draft new material
New criteria, indicators and explanatory material are drafted Senior Project Officer Sub committees recommend changes to drafts, approve draft of new material and make recommendations to NEC-SGP
Project Manager NEC-SGP accept recommendations of sub committees
Senior Project Officer NEC-SGP approve draft of new material for trial
Working groups NEC-SGP recommend draft to RACGP Council for endorsement for trial
4 Develop field trial methodology Develop field trial methodology Prepare field trial of revised standards 1/1/10 - 28/2/10 Methodology of field trial of new material is described Senior Project Officer Secretariat design trial methodology and tools
Trial tools are developed GP research expert Subcommittee approve to methodology and tools
Secretariat Subcommittees recommend methodology and tools to NEC-SGP
NEC-SGP (5) NEC-SGP approve trial methodology (April meeting)
NEC-SGP recommend methodology and tools to RACGP Council (April meeting)
5 Drafting, trials and feedback about the new standards Seek feedback, trial and refine draft new standards Ensuring new edition of standards meet needs of RACGP and stakeholders 1/4/10 - 31/8/10 First line feedback groups provide an early indication of the feasibility and acceptability of proposed explanatory material and indicators to the working parties Accreditation agencies (participant numbers not specified) Subcommittees approve changes and recommend penultimate version to NEC-SGP
On line survey for participation by all interested general practice professionals Project Manager NEC-SGP approves penultimate draft (July meeting)
Written submissions Senior Project Officer NEC-SGP recommends final Standards to RACGP Council for endorsement
Focus groups Secretariat RACGP Council endorses Standards (August meeting)
Trialling of draft standards through field trial (only new Criterion to be tested) NEC-SGP (5)
6 Standard document revision and production Format, produce and launch new standards New edition of standards are produced and released to the sector 1/9/10 - 4/10/10 Ensure formatting of new standards is correct Project Manager NEC-SGP members, secretariat and key stakeholders present at launch
New standards are launched during ASC 2010 Senior Project Officer
Online version is made available Publications/ IT
Complimentary copies sent to key stakeholders Secretariat