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Table 5 Adjusted relative rate (95% confidence interval (CI)) of asthma admission, ED visit or death within 6 to 36 months post index event for the asthma admission and ED cohorts, according to access to inpatient or ED asthma education

From: The association of asthma education centre characteristics on hospitalizations and emergency department visits in Ontario: a population-based study

  Adjusted Relative Rate* (95% confidence intervals)
ED cohort
  Access to AE including in ED 0.91 (0.76,1.10)
  Access to AEC but no AE in ED 0.97 (0.89, 1.06)
  No AEC 1.00 Reference
Admission cohort
  Access to AE including during hospitalization 0.87 (0.75,1.00)
  Access to AEC but no AE during hospitalization 0.95 (0.84, 1.07)
  No AEC 1.00 Reference
  1. *Adjusted for age, gender, socioeconomic status, rural residence, history of prior asthma admissions, primary and/or specialist asthma care, and hospital type.