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Table 2 Example of completed structured observation

From: Using qualitative mixed methods to study small health care organizations while maximising trustworthiness and authenticity

TIME 9.15-10.15 am Brief contacts Administration Supplies Equipment/treatment room Patient contact Informal chat with research assistant
10 Receptionist chat about problem with another staff member Opening mail, sorting for GPs, updating records on computer Drug rep arrives to do a free check on blood pressure monitor Steriliser beeping to signal end of cleaning cycle. She attends to it Checked blood pressure on elderly patient Shows me internal mail system
20 Receptionist inquiry about arrival time of another nurse Continues to open mail Conversation with drug rep about next visit    Talks about other nurse’s involvement in multi-site collaborative care program
30 GP checks his pigeon hole; inquires about our project Continues to open mail    Immunization of 8-week old baby Chat about immunization and paperwork for recall system. Keeping track of lapsed immunizations. Her role as educator for parents about immunizations
40 Introduces GP to me Takes patient file to GP. Enters data onto computer to be added to immunization register     
50 GP ducks in. Chat to pathology courier Enters data on immunization onto computer    Immunization of 8-week old baby  
60     Clears plastic dishes for immunization and puts them away Adult male of penicillin injection. 2 years old for asthma medication. Education of mother on how to use spacer device