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Table 1 Study sites, usual retrieval mode and round trip distance from the RCH

From: The effectiveness of telemedicine for paediatric retrieval consultations: rationale and study design for a pragmatic multicentre randomised controlled trial

Study site Usual mode of retrieval Round trip distance
Air (nm; km) Road (km)1,3
Redcliffe Hospital Road ambulance N/A2 62
Nambour General Hospital Helicopter 100;185 N/A2
Bundaberg Base Hospital Fixed wing aircraft 312;578 41
Rockhampton Base Hospital Fixed-wing aircraft 562;1042 36.4
  1. 1Using main roads; 2Direct hospital-to-hospital; 3Fixed wing retrievals include road-ambulance components between the referring hospital and local airport, and between the Royal Children’s Hospital and the Royal Flying Doctor Service at Brisbane Airport.