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Table 6 Example of determinants linked to theories and practical strategies

From: Using intervention mapping to deconstruct cognitive work hardening: a return-to-work intervention for people with depression

Determinant Methods (from theory) Theory Strategy Tools/Materials
(L) = Learning
(C) = Change
Risk perception & knowledge (L) Personalize risk CMOP-E [52] Client-centred Guided questions
PEO [53] Collaboration Brochures, handouts
Targeted questioning Discussion of occupational performance issues/barriers to RTW
Occupational performance issues
Meaningful occupation/activity
Written & verbal information
  Discussion ELM [54],[55] Discussion Personalized discussions
Elaboration   Self-reflection
Self-efficacy (L) Enactive mastery experiences Bandura’s Social Learning Theory [51] Personal performance accomplishments of tasks Work simulations/activity selection
Verbal persuasion Rotter’s Locus of Control [56] Reinforcing messages regarding capabilities Task analysis
Graded activity
  Engagement in meaningful activity Recovery Model [57],[58] Empowerment Exploration of linkages between performance, self-efficacy, occupational performance
Discussions – strengths, work ability
  Self-monitoring of behavior Theory of Self-Regulation [59] Monitoring of newly acquired skills (e.g., assertiveness) Client keeps a record of situations in which they practiced assertiveness to review with OT
Norms (C) Cognitive skill development The Dynamic Interactional Model of Cognition [60],[61] Approach to task Job description
Development of task skill to match task demands Functional assessments
Task analysis
Work simulations
Graded activity
  Participation in meaningful activity CMOP-E Adoption of work routine GRTW schedule
  Intrapersonal skill development Appraisal Model of Coping [62] Assertiveness training Role plays
Stress management Vignettes
Bandura’s Social Learning Theory Education Audiovisual resources
Rotter’s Locus of Control Repetition  
Safety & equality (C) Duty to accommodate process CMOP-E Task analysis Job descriptions
CMCE Functional analysis Work simulations
CPPF Job demands analysis Accommodation process
Discussions with client, insurer, employer