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Table 3 Performance objectives for behavioural and environmental outcomes: CWH

From: Using intervention mapping to deconstruct cognitive work hardening: a return-to-work intervention for people with depression

Program objective: Successful return-to-work for people with depression
Behavioural outcome Performance objectives
Client is ready to RTW 1. Client identifies RTW barriers, concurs with and commits to treatment plan
2. Client has the work tolerance to meet minimally required work hours
3. Client has cognitive skills to meet job demands
4. Client has fatigue management strategies
5. Client has coping skills/strategies to deal with workplace interpersonal, organizational and task demands
6. Client has confidence in ability to return to work
Environmental outcome Performance objectives
RTW plan is in place 1. GRTW schedule is designed and agreed upon by stakeholders
2. Workplace accommodations are provided
3. Client’s strengths and limitations are assessed for job match
  1. GRTW = gradual return-to-work.